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Purple Power Animal Welfare Society, or Purple PAWS, partners with rescues to save the lives of homeless companion animals. Imagine being a neglected, abused, or abandoned animal in an overcrowded, sterile, high-kill shelter. Most animals are very fearful, not knowing where they are or why they are being caged. They are bored and terrified, waiting in the back of their cage for someone to come and rescue them. They hear and smell the fear and suffering of those animals around them, all awaiting their doom. This is where we intervene by pulling these beautiful beings from these terrible places. We place them in loving foster homes, where they receive TLC, socialization, vetting, enrichment and ultimately they are placed into loving forever homes.

Donations Needed for Parvo Pups

We were able to save these puppies from Western Kansas before they were sent to the shelter to be killed. Although we have foster homes for all of them, we just found out today that one of the puppies has Parvo. We also have another dog coming in from a different location that was also diagnosed with Parvo. 

Parvo is very serious and very expensive to treat. We are monitoring all of the dogs closely, but if the other pups are diagnosed with Parvo too, we will be looking at a very large vet bill. 

Whether you are able to donate $5 or $500, every bit helps and we can't tell you how much we appreciate it!


Its Take Your Dogto Work Day

Upcoming Events

  • Delta Sig Dogs - April 29, 2018
    • We will be having hot dogs, puppy chow, music, games, and most importantly, DOGS! Come for an afternoon of petting and meeting cute puppies from the shelter at the event (1100 Fremont St. Manhattan, KS).Tickets are $5 from any Delta Sig. You can also buy a shirt for $18 for admission to the event. We hope to see you there!

100% of the funds donated to Purple Paws go to help homeless pets!

We believe it takes a community of support to rescue homeless animals. If you'd like to help, please foster homeless animals, if you can't do that, then volunteer your time to rescue. If you can't do that then donate funds to rescue. Many thanks to the local businesses and individuals in this community for your generous support; we could never do this without you. Please know that we are the only voice for these animals.

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